New AEGIS Sales Representative for Europe

The increasing popularity of AEGIS® Rings in Europe has required us to adjust our workforce to continue to give the best service to our distributors and customers.  Therefore, please join us in welcoming our new Sales Manager for Northern Europe, Jens Leipner.

Jens is 51 years old, married, and a father.  He is a graduate electrical engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), and no newcomer to the electrical business.  For many years, he worked for Morgan and Pantrac, among others.  Starting on July 16th, 2018, he will be responsible for the support of our AEGIS distributors and direct customers in Northern Europe and Northern Germany, as well as all of our European wind power customers.

We are very pleased to have Jens join our team, where his skills will help us seek even greater success in the European market.