Four Reasons to Buy Motors with AEGIS Installed

jpeg-1AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings offer essential protection against electrical bearing damage for motors on VFDs.  AEGIS rings can be retrofitted to in-service motors, but the best way to get AEGIS protection on your motor is probably to purchase a new motor with AEGIS factory-installed.  Here are four reasons why.

4 Reasons to Buy Motors with AEGIS Rings Installed

1. It saves time:

Buying a motor with an AEGIS ring factory-installed saves you the time of finding the right grounding ring for your motor, and the effort of installing the ring.  Offerings vary by motor manufacturer and product line, but AEGIS is available both standard and as a mod.

2.  It saves money:

The cost of a motor with AEGIS already installed is less than the cost of the motor and ring separately.  On top of this, you save the cost of installation.

3.  No risk of improper installation:

Major motor brands like Baldor (ABB), U.S. Motors (Nidec), Marathon, LEESON, WEG Electric, and G.E. Industrial Motors have installed hundreds of thousands of shaft grounding rings in their motors.  They know exactly how to install AEGIS rings according to our best practices.  As an added bonus, most motors get the grounding ring factory-installed inside the motor, protecting it from any potential environmental damage or contamination.

4.  The AEGIS 2-Year Extended Warranty:

New motors typically come with a one to five-year warranty from the manufacturer.  But typically, bearing failure is only covered for a fraction of that time, under the logic that they will fail quickly if something is wrong with the bearings.  But this doesn't take into account the risk of bearing fluting due to VFD-sourced electrical damage, which takes months to years to cause failure.  That's why the AEGIS 2-Year Extended Warranty extends protection against fluting damage for two years after installation.  No other shaft grounding device offers a warranty like this.

2-Year Extended Warranty

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