Vibration Professionals of Wisconsin Annual Symposium

The Wisconsin Chapter of the Vibration Institute has a new name:  The Vibration Professionals of Wisconsin. Coming up on April 26th, they are holding their annual spring training and vendor symposium for maintenance and reliability professionals.

The Symposium is at the Wausau Stoney Creek Inn, 1100 Imperial Ave, Rothschild, WI, with registration and breakfast starting at 8 am.

The featured speaker is Richard Pratt, of Cornerstone Controls, and training topics include online and wireless technologies, the difference between vibration monitoring and vibration analysis, and data collection on cyclic systems. The vendors exhibiting includes AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings, which protects VFD-run motors from electrical bearing damage. 

Admission, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is $150, or $125 for students, teachers, and groups of five or more from the same company.  The Vibration Professionals of Wisconsin prefers payment by PayPal (note: a PayPal account is not required). Pay the base rate here or the discounted rate here.

If you're unable for any reason to use PayPal, please contact Brandon Blatter. For any other questions about the show, contact Membership Chairman, Joe Junion.