Two Superior Choices: WEG Cast Iron & Rolled Steel Motors with AEGIS Inside

WEG stocks NEMA Premium-Efficiency rolled steel and cast iron motors with AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings inside.  These motors combine the robustness of WEG design, efficiency of NEMA premium standards, and the simplicity of AEGIS shaft grounding protection against bearing currents.  AND they've got variety:  WEG motors with AEGIS are available in both ODP and TEFC styles, in both general purpose and close-coupled builds, from 1 to 100 hp.  And like all motors with AEGIS rings factory-installed, they are eligible for our 2-year extended warranty against electrical fluting damage, above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

For an overview of WEG motors with AEGIS, see this page on the AEGIS site.  Or for more detailed information, head to, or for the part numbers of scores of WEG motors with AEGIS, see this pdf.

WEG motors with AEGIS