TECO-Westinghouse Motors with AEGIS Shaft Grounding

George_WestinghouseWestinghouse Electric is one of the best-known and longest-lived brands in the world.  Westinghouse was founded in 1886 by George Westinghouse, one of the pioneers of ac power (and a principal combatant in the Current War).  The company has amassed over 130 years of experience and knowledge in all things electric.


WIn 1997, Westinghouse Electric’s motor division was acquired by Taiwan Electrical Company (TECO) and renamed TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company.  The name may be different, but the expertise hasn’t changed.  TECO-Westinghouse remains a leading name in electric motor manufacture, from less than one to one hundred thousand horsepower.

Since TECO-Westinghouse’s rebranding, variable frequency drives (VFDs) have become very common.  Using VFDs to control electric motors has many benefits, but there are also drawbacks. One serious drawback is that drives can electrically damage the motor bearings. If the motor is not properly protected, this leads to premature bearing failure and downtime.

TECOflyerTECO-Westinghouse has been aware of this problem for many years.  That’s why they offer motors with factory-installed AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings. AEGIS rings bleed stray voltage off of the motor shaft, before it can build up enough to arc through the bearings. AEGIS rings are available standard in the following lines of TECO-Westinghouse motors:

  • Open Drip Proof (rolled steel and cast iron)
  • Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (rolled steel)
  • MAX-PETM (NEMA Premium Efficiency)

The next time you need a new motor that will be run on a drive, consider a TECO-Westinghouse motor with an AEGIS ring factory installed.

AEGIS Rings also come with a 2-year extended warranty against bearing fluting damage. No other form of protection against VFD-caused bearing damage offers a warranty like this.

2-Year Extended Warranty

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