Posts about VFD Voltage:

If Your Motor Is On a VFD, Squealing May Be Electrical Fluting Damage

Shaft Voltage from VFDs Damages Bearings - watch the video to see the shaft voltage that causes...

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AEGIS Bearing Protection Handbook

How To: Bearing Protection Handbook Details Best Practices For Motor Protection and Repair

This 56-page technical handbook describes best practices for protecting motor bearings from...

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HVAC systems using VFD driven Motors in Hospitals

Grounding of HVAC motor shafts protects bearings, lowers repair costs

Read the entire story at Healthcare Facilities Today about how preventing VFD-driven motor bearing...

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VFD use in a factory

AEGIS® Rings Ensure Process Uptime by Protecting VFD-Driven Motors from Bearing Damage

Today, VFDs are used to provide precise control of a wide range of processes and process variables...

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