Meeting Regal-Beloit at AHR2018!

Regal-Beloit was one of the many exhibitors at AHR 2018.  Several of Regal's brands feature AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings to protect the motor bearings against electrical damage caused by VFD control.  We talked with Chris Reid, Product Market Manager, about Marathon Motors in particular.

Regal-Beloit Exhibiting at AHR 2018
Chris Reid, Product Market Manager for Regal-Beloit, with several Marathon Motors at the 2018 AHR Expo

BCP motors from Marathon Motors

Marathon Motors “BCP” motors, equipped with internally mounted shaft grounding rings, ensure successful operation with Variable Frequency Drives without sustaining bearing damage due to inverter-sourced bearing current.  Their “Bearing-to-Bearing” guarantee includes bearing replacement for the duration of the standard warranty period.

BCP is available in the following standard stock product lines:
  • NEMA Premium ODP, rolled steel frame
  • NEMA Premium TEFC, rolled steel and cast iron frame
  • NEMA Premium Explosion Proof, cast iron frame
  • Blue MAX Vector Duty, cast iron frame
  • NEMA Premium XRI-SD, Severe Duty
  • NEMA Premium XRI-841, IEEE841
  • SXT-Plus Stainless Steel Wash-Down

LEESON Extreme Duck Ultra

LEESON's lines of Premium Stainless Steel motors and Extreme Duck motors, through 2 HP, now include motors with internally mounted AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings. SGRs are needed in applications where motors are controlled by inverter drives, to eliminate the voltages that may damage the motor’s bearings.

Features include:

  • Premium stainless and Extreme Duck series
  • 1/2 HP to 2 HP
  • Eliminate bearing currents from inverter use
  • Provide longer bearing life
  • AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring installed internally

EXTREME DUCK ULTRA IS ONE TOUGH DUCK: The revolutionary new design of this motor ensures that liquids won’t penetrate the motor in any mounting position, and made the motor a bronze winner in Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year.  Plus it’s easier to install and connect because of unique non-wicking colored leads. Less corrosion, less operating costs.  AEGIS Rings are available as an option for ½ to 2 HP.

Century Electric Motors

Century Electric Motors are also available with factory-installed AEGIS Rings. If you plan on running your new Century motor on a VFD, be sure to request a factory-installed SGR.