FUKUDA Exhibits AEGIS Rings in Japan at MEX 2018

Fukuda exhibited AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring Technology at MEX (Machinery & Electronics Exhibition) 2018 in Kanazawa, Japan

With their continued focus on technologies to improve motor reliability, Fukuda displayed AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings and explained their benefits to the show's visitors.  All across Japan, including protection against electrical bearing damage on variable frequency driven (VFD) motors is quickly becoming the standard to improve reliability for industrial and commercial applications.  In fact, AEGIS rings are already incorporated in Fuji Electric and Toshiba motors, which have manufacturer-approved option programs to prevent.  As stated in a recent article by Frost and Sullivan's Krishna Raman, Industry Analyst in their Industrial Automation & Process Control business unit, "Electrical arcing can result in damage to bearing surface and premature aging of the lubricant. This adversely affects the performance and life of the bearing."


Solving this problem by incorporating an AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring on the VFD driven motors protects both the motor's bearings and the attached equipment.


Fukuda Exhibits AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring Technology at MEX KANAZAWA 2018
Fukuda Exhibits AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring Technology at MEX KANAZAWA 2018

The Machinery & Electronics Exhibition is held to promote the distribution and technical exchanges of metal machining and processing machinery and related products, electrical and electronic related equipment, etc., and contribute to the development and promotion of industry and trade.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Ishikawa Prefecture Ironworks Industry Association of Japan, with support from numerous Japanese industrial associations.  MEX 2018's 60,000 visitors comprised facility engineers, development researchers and managers in the electric machinery industry, salespeople and managers, and general industrial users.

The show featured over 600 exhibitors, including Fukuda, the exclusive distributor in Japan of AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring technology.  Fukuda contributed to the event by exhibiting the latest technology for improving reliability across many industrial markets.  To find out more about Fukuda visit their website.

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