EASA 2017: A Hot Show in a Hot City

With 217 exhibitors, almost 400 booths, and 36 first-time exhibitors, the 2017 EASA Convention was a success by any measure.

The AEGIS® sales team was busy at our booth demonstrating the AEGIS® Shaft Voltage Tester™ Digital Oscilloscope, and encouraging visitors to try the scope for themselves.  Elsewhere in the booth,  we discussed the effectiveness of AEGIS® SGR Rings for low-voltage motors and AEGIS® PRO Series Rings for high power AC or DC motors and medium-voltage motors and generators in channeling harmful shaft voltages away from bearings and safely to ground.

With 6 rows of conductive microfiber brushes and millions of shaft contact points, AEGIS® PRO Series Rings have greater current-carrying capacity than smaller AEGIS® SGRs.  They are available in solid- and split-ring versions with optional universal mounting brackets.  The PROSLR specially designed for severe environments, with dual O-ring dust/debris barriers that prevent dirt, liquids, and other contaminants from interfering with contact of the ring's brushes with the motor shaft.


2017 easa convention Brad Chrudimsky, Marketing Communications Specialist-Electrical at Baldor

Also on display was the AEGIS® PROMR ring, comprising an AEGIS® PROSL Ring and an AEGIS® SGR monitoring ring separated by a non-conductive phenolic plate.  The AEGIS® PROMR provides bearing protection for large motors combined with remote monitoring capabilities.  It is ideal for monitoring remotely located or hard-to-access motors.

This year, we had help at our booth from XView Asia Industrial, our distributor for China and the Far East.  We were joined by William Wu, Sales Manager, and Desmond Lau, Sales Engineer.

As if the show wasn't busy enough, our Sales Manager Adam Willwerth made time to star in a video about the benefits, selection, and installation of AEGIS® Rings.  To view it, click here.

But promotion of AEGIS® Rings — and the bearing protection they provide — extended well beyond the AEGIS® booth.  In fact, AEGIS® Rings and motors with rings factory installed could be seen in the booths of major motor manufacturers throughout the show.  In response to the heightened awareness of VFD-induced bearing damage, a growing number of motor manufacturers now offer AEGIS® Bearing Protection as standard or as mod shop options on their motors.


Chris Voll, Distribution Product Manager - Marathon & Century Motors/Commercial & Industrial Motors

Baldor offered its catalog line of NEMA Premium Super E motors with AEGIS® Rings factory-installed.

Regal Beloit also promoted its motors with AEGIS® Rings factory-installed.  These include Marathon BCP Motors and award-winning Marathon Cooling Tower Motors, Leeson's Extreme Duck Washdown Motors, and Century Motors' option program through which it will factory install AEGIS® Rings on a wide range of motors.

WEG Electric exhibited several of its motors with AEGIS® installed.  WEG offers AEGIS® in ODP and TEFC motors in cast iron or rolled steel, for general-purpose and close-coupled pump applications.


Nestor Blanquer Vazquez, Export Sales; and Toby Johnston, both of WEG Electric, exhibited WEG's line of AC Square Motors with AEGIS ® Rings available as an option.

Several AEGIS® distributors also exhibited at the show including Bartlett Bearing, EIS, and Midpoint Bearing.

Finally, two manufacturers whose bearing isolators incorporate AEGIS® Rings — Garlock and Flowserve — completed the list of companies offering and promoting AEGIS® technology.