Charity Begins Near Home: Electro Static Technology Lives United

Continuing our annual tradition, Electro Static Technology employees donated their time and labor to this year's United Way campaign in September.

Employees generously pledged almost $6,000 to the United Way of Androscoggin County, a 50% increase over 2016 contributions.  Some of the money will be used to support 18 food banks that provide meals for children, families, and seniors in need.  And some of the funds will be used for the education of pre-school children, K-12 students, high school dropouts, and students with learning disabilities.

Employees also identified local residents who could use a helping hand.  One group offered their time and hard work to clean up the yard of an older woman in Poland, Maine.  Another group helped an elderly widower in Minot, Maine, clean his house — inside and out.

Several of us commented that while contributing money to the United Way Campaign feels great, helping those in need on a face-to-face, one-on-one basis is even more gratifying.united way charity